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Hello Friends And Welcome!

We are the team behind this platform. We love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! We started as friends who just like to hang out and enjoy each other’s company over Lunch or Dinner. Bob’s Atomic Burger Blog was founded in 2000 by our dear friend Bobby Turner as a home cooking blog to record all of our favorite family recipes each time we get together. And now we continue to be passionate about the Cooking and Making Food blog. Sharing this knowledge to the world and hoping that we can help our readers to be successful.  Whether it is for personal knowledge to impress your next family gathering or just to surprise your lifetime partner. Our team got your back!

Bobby Turner

Chef / Founder / Blogger

Bobby is the brainchild of Bob Atomic Burgers; as a food blogger, he brings on board knowledge in various culinary art skills to suit audiences worldwide.

The renowned chef and a vlogger on multiple platforms provide practical and hands-on skills in the kitchen. The Graduate in Hospitality and Management from the University of Uniserv in Turkey took pride in high-level hotels when he worked as a chef.

His writing passion dates back to his childhood where he could write poems, compositions, and speeches for fun in school. His love for food began when her mum couldn’t afford daycare and had to go to work at ten years.

After school, he had no option but to know how to prepare a simple meal before the mum could come back. That show he enjoyed playing around with recipes. After graduation, he was lucky to be employed in five start hotel where he practiced various international recipes.

While they hand out with friends in their local pub, they were never satisfied with the service, quality, and taste of food. That is how he became the chief blogger for the site. On the side, he also runs an outside catering service such that in his content, you have a complete overview of what to expect in the food industry.

Based on experience and daily tasks, he understands where to source the best and most valuable food products for different clientele.

Vernon Bret

Entrepreneur / Photographer / Writer

Are you aspiring to be an entrepreneur in the food industry? If yes, then Vernon Bret should be your favorite writer.

The food entrepreneur by profession provides practical experiences, failures, and success to hold your hand through the industry. The Bachelor of Graduate in Business Management and a passionate individual in food matters provide professional background in the industry and give you street advice on handling various ideals in the food business.

Vernon runs a chain of hotels. His story is one of failures and inspiration. He has opened a restaurant twice and all collapsed.

As he gives you the tips, he does that out of the personal experience and not a theoretical perspective.

He has been an entrepreneur, an employee, and a motivational speaker in the industry; therefore, all his posts provide a practical overview of food business investment.

Helen Winston

Chief Editor

The attention to detail is Helen’s “weakness.” She is one editor who can edit several articles using her high-end professional skills in the English language.

The Master’s Holder in Linguistics understands the grasp of language and is a great cook. Therefore, he not only edits but also ensures the information is correct and relevant to the audience.

Her Higher National Diploma in Journalism is a plus as an editor for the site; moreover, she shares relevant personal experiences in the industry for well-researched, useful, and reliable content for the target audience.

She knows when and what to write at whatever time. During the low season, she writes various blog posts, and the kind of data traffic from her posts dictates the fast growth of the site.

Writers under her docket appreciate her level of professionalism and her ability to disseminate information using the most straightforward language understandable for all.

Shawn Olivet

Chef / Writer

For all your writing needs, the Shown Olivet is the person behind the keyboard. Professional journalists with a specialty in writing understand the use of words to disseminate information.

He captures the audience’s attention using catchy headlines, a plus to the growth of the site. The Graduate in Mass communication brings on board professional prowess in writing to ensure information matters related to food reach the audience as desired.

He is the power behind the simple recipes that every reader can try at home and enjoy the meals.

He provides valuable information for food lovers to use in the culinary skills. Call her a writing prowess; she knows how to put things in a humorous yet straightforward manner that everyone understands despite the race, status, and age.

Your upcoming chef or food enthusiast has a lot to learn from her experience and blog posts.

Mercy Jones

Chef / Writer

Anyone can write but get a writer who can use words to convince its readers is rare. The food entrepreneur understands the use of words to bring the point home.

The diploma holder in journalism understands the rules, tricks, and tips in catching your audience’s attention through print media. Mercy has worked in various media houses as a print journalist and has a good grasp of the language dissemination of information.

As a mother and a wife, cooking is her hobby. She can crack a recipe using available and straightforward ingredients for that tasty and delicious meal you always deserve from your favorite restaurant.

Her role in the food blog site is simple: to ensure there is adequate food lovers, food enthusiasts, and food entrepreneurs to help them sharpen their culinary art skills. Apart from research in the industry, she also understands the dos and don’ts in the industry.