Frequent Asked Questions

Adding your recipe is easy and fast. Hover over the “Recipes” button on the top menu and choose “new recipe.” You can also sign up for an account using the “My Account” button and upload your recipe through the user dashboard.

We will walk you through the entire process of formatting your recipe so that it meets our standards. When done, click publish, and your recipe is live.

Yes. Your recipes are your own. They’ll reach a global audience through our foodie platform, but remain yours. Recipes shared on other websites from our website should have a citation indicating our website as the originator.

Yes, of course. All the recipes on our site are not for the contest.

Users are required to enter recipes of their own. If you borrow a recipe from elsewhere, attribute it correctly to the source. The recipe name should not infringe any third-party trademarks or copyright. Avoid plagiarizing the recipes at all costs.

Yes, you can edit your recipe. In your dashboard, you will see a place to edit the recipe. Save the changes after you have finished editing. You cannot edit recipes submitted for a contest before the contest is over.

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