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Food blogger shooting his blog about cooking recipes on professional camera

Foodie’s Delight: Navigating the World of Food Blogging

Are you a foodie who dreams of having your own successful food blog? Have you ever wondered how all those amazing bloggers out there craft their mouthwatering content, promote their posts, and turn clicks into followers? Well if so, welcome to Foodie’s Delight; a comprehensive guide on developing and growing

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Best Time To Take A Shower For Restaurant Employees

There is a constant debate about the best time to take a long shower. The polls are split in half, some say morning others think the evening. Who is right? Although there are benefits to taking showers both in the morning and at night, according to researchers, the best time

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Burger Recipes For The Family’s Foosball Game Day

Family bonding is crucial in the physical and emotional development of children. Despite the busy schedule you have to create time for your family members where people relax and enjoy what they love as a team. The best place for such a team building session is in an outdoor event

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Should Fast Food Chains Provide Shower Rooms For Employees?

Ever thought of your local fast food chain providing shower rooms for its employees? Well, it is time for employers can incorporate healthy life skills” for their employees making it possible for them to walk to work and exercise during breaks. Fast foods are very busy outlets where employees move

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Hacks to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Fast Food Uniform

The morning rush will never end without bumping into some wrinkled clothes. The question is how fast will you get your clothes straightened? Imagine waking up, taking that quick shower, an amazing breakfast the Boom! Wrinkled clothes. This calls for a fast and efficient method to get clothes de-wrinkled. How

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The Burger Party And Ping Pong

The hamburger has been a part of the American DNA for centuries. It is about time we celebrated this great symbol of freedom. It is with pride that I present the burger and ping pong party. Why a burger party This event is organized to educate and expose all Americans

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Bob’s Atomic Burger’s community involvement creates what we call meaningful marketing. We don’t spend money on traditional marketing, only BABS would benefit from that money spent. Instead, meaningful marketing helps put money back into our community, through ad placements in the Ore Digger, the Golden Transcripts and also through sponsoring

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Bob’s Burgers Menu

Sandwiches Hamburger – $5.25 Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $6.25 Fried Chicken Sandwich – $6.25 Quinoa Burger – $6.25 Double Burger – $7.75 Hot Dogs – $2.75 Sides French Fries – Sm: $2.00, Lg: $3.00 Onion Strings: Sm: $2.40, Lg: $3.50 Kid’s Meals – $4.50* *(Comes with Side and drink) Hamburger

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Bob’s Burgers Location

1310 Ford Street Golden, CO 80401 303-278-1601 Hours: Open Everyday: 11-8   We are now mobile. Check our Facebook page to find out where the Bob’s Atomic Burger Wagon is.

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