Best Time To Take A Shower For Restaurant Employees

There is a constant debate about the best time to take a long shower. The polls are split in half, some say morning others think the evening. Who is right? Although there are benefits to taking showers both in the morning and at night, according to researchers, the best time to take a long shower is at night.

What is the best way to shower

Not many people realize this, but the best way to shower is with lukewarm water. Most people just try and get the water as hot as they can, avoid that. It damages the skin and it could cause injuries. If you are one with sensitive or dry skin, then you need to use cold water when you shower.

Experts say that you also want to avoid shaving at night—you’re more alert in the morning so you’re less likely to get knicks.

Health benefits

Everyone should enjoy the health benefits of taking a shower. Here are some of the benefits that a dip in the shower provides:

  • Treats menstrual cramps- helps relax cramps providing pain relief as the blood is brought toward your pelvic area
  • Helps you sleep better- the number one reason to shower, especially at night is to sleep better. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed when you go into work.
  • Good for healing cuts and wounds- The shower speeds the healing process while the hot water is an alternative antibiotic.
  • Helps fight colds- helps to loosen phlegm and mucus from colds so you’re not stuffed up.
  • Good for migraines- the hot water helps to relieve pressure
  • Helps with blood circulation- The warm water keeps the blood moving throughout your body. This keeps things such as your blood vessels in better condition, which leads to lower cholesterol levels.
  • It helps the skin look and feels better- Pores are constantly being clogged by pollutants and toxins in the air. The shower removes all the makeup and dirt from your face, providing you with healthier skin.
  • Keeps your body temperature regulated by reducing sweat and eliminating chills

Most restaurant employees don’t want to think about doing anything except hitting the sack after work. Which is understandable, after doing tiring work in the restaurant. However, you are running around for over 10 hrs a day sweating and collecting toxins and pollutants all over your body, not to mention the smell that follows you and sticks to your clothes. Then all of that festers with you as you lie in bed overnight.

Therefore, as restaurant employees, you should enjoy the health benefits of taking a long shower at night since it removes all the dirt and debris that your body has collected all day. Doing tiring work in the restaurant can produce stress, by showering at night your body produces stress-fighting proteins so your stress is reduced. Besides that, you sleep better at night, since you are more relaxed giving you more energy to do your work the next day. So to all of you restaurant employees out there, if you want to look and feel your best without stress—-the best time for you to take a long shower is at night.